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Wms 2013 Grows In Attendance And Exhibitor Participation

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Buyer attendance was up more than 5% from WMS 2011 and about 15% from WMS 2009. For three days, the International Centre was transformed into a woodworker's paradise. The show featured a wide array of woodworking machines, cutting tools, software, cabinet and furniture hardware, board products, etc. manufactured by more than 250 companies around the world. The number of exhibitors and exhibit space were each up about 20% from WMS 2011. The vast majority of exhibitors expressed pleasure with both the quantity and quality of buyers that came to their booths. We are pleased with the positive customer feedback and the amount of visitors, (who came to our booth), said Nadja Mann, recently appointed president of GRASS Canada Inc. We would like to thank everyone who visited us. The show was very upbeat reflecting an improved wood products market, said Steve Reiss, vice president of Vance Communications Canada, owner of WMS.
Pertaining to the original new rendition in addition to some ancillary videos or possibly movie, drop by and see http://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/wood-market-trends/woodworking-industry-news/tradeshow-coverage/wms-news/WMS-2013-Grows-in-Attendance-and-Exhibitor-Participation-230088501.html

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