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How To Cut And Split Firewood

Good firewood cheap: Firewood-cutting permits in Connecticut

ArianFoster Bunny Guinness feels it has a role in modern gardens. Kindest cut: Coppicing brings in extra light allowing plants like Euphrobia amygdaloides 'Rubra' and E. x martini, seen here to flourishPhoto: Marianne Majerus By Bunny Guinness Comments Coppicing is thought to be the oldest form of forestry woven hazel screens used for fishing shelters have been found dating back to 5000BC. For todays gardener, who wants to grow usable timber but cannot cope with large trees, it still holds appeal. Even in a small garden, one or two coppiced trees create a more dynamic feel to a space, allowing you to let more light back in and expand your palette of plants. WHAT IS COPPICING? Most gardeners know about cutting back dogwoods and coloured stemmed willows to just above ground level in spring. This encourages newer stems for ornamentation as the new wood has brighter colours than the old. Coppicing - cutting back trees to as close to the ground usually every eight to 15 years, can be used for larger species, such as ash, hazel, oak, sweet chestnut and lime. Virtually all deciduous trees can be coppiced but some including beech, wild cherry and poplar produce weaker re-growth.
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Lift the saw and cut a short, shallow groove on the mark. Now set the saws motor housing on the groove, lay the bar flat on the log and repeat. Continue in this manner, using the bar as a guide, to cut 16-inch-spaced grooves into the entire log. Use the chain saw to cut about three-quarters of the way through the log at each 16-inch groove. Dont try to cut all the way through the log; youll end up sawing into dirt or rocks, which will quickly dull the saw chain. Instead, roll the log 180 degrees and cut through the final one-quarter of wood. Splitting Wood The best tool for hand splitting firewood is a maul, which looks like a cross between an axe and sledgehammer. Mauls come in many sizes, including 12-pound behemoths, but we prefer using a 6- or 8-pound maul, which you can swing faster and for longer periods without getting tired. Youll also need a chopping block, a raised surface on which to split the log pieces into firewood. Youll need a 14- to 16-inch-tall piece of log thats at least 12 inches in diameter. Set the chopping block on a flat area of ground, then stand one of your 16-inch-long log pieces on top of the chopping block.
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Trees If you renew your permit in succeeding years, the cost is $40 annually, plus $25 per cord up to ten cords per year, $15 per cord for a second ten cords, and $12 per cord after that. If you dont cut all five cords for which you pre-paid in the first year of your permit, the balance carries over to the following year. After youve harvested your first five cords, you only pay for wood after you cut it. A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked firewood, and five cords burned in a good woodstove or fireplace insert can provide most of the winter heat for a typical, single-family home. Figure that a cord of firewood, properly burned, replaces more than 100 gallons of no. 2 fuel oil, and youre looking at saving over $1,000 a year in fuel costs. The RWA manages its forest holdings for watershed quality and saw timber, so the Forestry Department paints orange splotches on the trees that firewood permit holders can harvest for firewoodmostly poorly formed, unhealthy, or low-value trees. Your selective cutting improves the forest by freeing up sunlight, water, and nutrients for the healthy and more desirable trees.
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